Leadership and People Management

  • Each of us is capable of becoming a leader, to inspire yourself, your coworkers, to benefit the bottom line.
  • We don’t have to imitate a leader, but have to create a leader within us.
  • The process of becoming a leader is same as the process of becoming an integrated human being.

Settling Personal Differences and Conflict Resolution

  • Interacting with people usually brings us joy and new perspective.
  • But interaction also gives rise to differences that result in productivity and time loss.
  • How we deal with our differences impacts on us mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Managing Emotions

  • Will help to understand different emotions and their effects
  • Learning to express proper emotions
  • Recognizing emotional needs of self and others

Developing Thinking Ability

  • Can you be really sure that you have not turned down a right advice?
  • Or someone is not, in fact, molding your thinking, without your even being aware of it?
  • How to think better and rationally is something we all need.

Time Management and Personal Efficiency

  • How can one develop a sense of timing?
  • How to pick the most opportune time to do anything that needs to be done?
  • The program introduces a new paradigm of management. From “managing time” the stress shifts to “using time” – using it productively and wisely.

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

  • Stress can be linked a dangerous virus that has infected modern man.
  • Dubbed as the “Silent Killer”, stress arises mainly from psychological demands of life
  • How does stress affect us and our work?
  • How can one best cope with stress he faces, so as to find more happiness and peace?

Effective Communication

  • Communication perhaps is the single most significant factor in the fields of work and interpersonal relations.
  • It is an art as well as a science – it requires attitude, aesthetics, competence.
  • Attitude determines the quality of communicator, aesthetics, the quality or communication and competence, the dynamics of communication.
  • The workshop attempts to guide and equip participants with certain basic tools of self analysis and communication styles.

Controlling Anger and Avoiding Misunderstandings

  • It’s an epidemic. We live in an angry society.
  • How do we control our own anger?
  • How do we control our reaction when others make us angry?

Achieving Real Success

  • Success in most endeavors depends largely on patient perseverance
  • We talk about talent, we nod to luck, but so often, ignore the most important things required for success.

Compatible Attitudes

  • How can we avoid negative and dangerous attitudes?
  • Attitude towards work, self and others can affect our efficiency.

Common Sense – Why so Uncommon?

  • What is common sense?
  • How can we acquire it?